Staging Your Home!

Dated: July 1 2022

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There is no better way to prepare your home for sale than to have it staged. You want people to love it, right? You want buyers to walk in and envision themselves owning it, right? Of course you do! Bring love and light to it with staging! Your home is more likely to sell when staged. Of course there are many ways to market your home but staging just puts icing on the cake.

There are various components to consider when staging a home and that is because no house is the same. When staging a home it isn't just about making the home aesthetically appealing. It is about making sure you show off the most important parts of your home. For example, most buyers are going to look at the living room first when entering a home. So, would you agree the living room would be considered the most important room in the home? 

Even when looking at homes virtually, what is usally in the first three pictures you see? A living room! It only takes the potential home buyer to view 2-3 photos before they decide if they want to continue to view the rest of the photos. My advice is to spend the extra time or money to stage to increase your chances of selling faster and for more money! Click here for more staging ideas. Happy staging!

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